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Opt for the combo of the two editions of calendars at a reduced price! Best of both worlds : an artistic calendar to see large images and a classic calendar with space to write down important events!

Limited edition

Calendar 2024 of Quebec and Canada wildlife and nature in a limited editiont! A unique mix of 12 images of terrestrial wildlife and nature in Quebec, never used in a calendar before and among my favorites of the last few months. Travel from Nord-du-Québec to Newfoundland and Labrador to encounter our unique wildlife and gorgeous landscapes. 

  • Artistic wall calendar;
  • Size 11x17 inches;
  • Dates and day at the bottom of the calendar for quick reference;
  • Thick paper used for cover AND for inside pages;
  • Prints on high quality satin archival paper, allowing you to trim and recover photos if desired;
  • A new work of art on your wall every month and 12 photos to frame afterwards!

Please note that quantities are very limited for this model!

Classic Edition

Calendar 2024 of nature and wildlife of Quebec and Canada! A diverse mix of 12 of the most popular and unique photos of the past few months, from terrestrial wildlife to underwater species and coastal landscapes. 

  • Wall Calendar;
  • Format 8.5x11 closed, 11x17 open;
  • Tiles for writing important events;
  • Hardcover;
  • Display of important dates and full and new moons;
  • Prints on high quality archival paper, allowing you to trim and recover photos if desired.

About the limited edition


The ideal format to fully enjoy all the details found in the images, while still having access to the calendar.