Harfang et Bic

JC Lemay Photo

  • The avian emblem of Quebec and with good reason; what a wonderful bird. In winter, it is possible to observe it almost everywhere in the region, here against the backdrop of the Bic mountains and the St. Lawrence estuary.
    1. Frame : professionally and custom made in Rimouski, with high quality wood molding and anti-UV glass, ready to hang;
    2. Print : fine art photo paper affixed on a stiff antacid foamcore to avoid ripples; ready to frame
    3. Acrylic : precise printing directly on acrylic (plexiglass), for beautiful bright colors and a modern look; ready to hang

      Category: Oiseaux

      High quality fine art prints

      I carefully choose materials, inks and archival methods of the highest quality possible on the market right now. Each piece is inspected and hand made by professionals et myself. Every product is designed to be elegant, durable and rich in details.

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      -Unique images of our regions-

      -Frames handcrafted with the finest materials-

      -Prints on fine art paper-

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      Customer Reviews

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      Francis Pauzé (Edison, US)
      Un encadrement de qualité!

      Mes collègues et moi avons trouvé que le format était un peu petit pour le prix. Cependant, l'œuvre photographique est d'une belle qualité et notre collègue, qui l'a reçu en cadeau, a grandement apprécié son présent!

      Merci Francis! Content que votre collègue ait apprécié le cadeau :)