Frequently Asked Questions

Online order

What are the means of payment?

All modern payment methods are accepted, from Google Pay, Apple Pay, to any credit card. Transactions must be made at the time of product purchase.


What are the production times?

Production times vary depending on the product selected; you must also add the delivery times, depending on your location:
Photo prints on foamcores / Wooden supports / Hanging frames
Each print is made in my studio in Rimouski, with great care. They are produced as and when ordered, and we should generally allow 5 to 7 working days for the production and packaging of these.
The frames are carefully handmade in Rimouski by a professional craftswoman. Unless it is clearly stated that the frame is already designed and in stock, allow 8-10 working days for the design of it.
As with frames, acrylics are made in a meticulous process ensuring top quality, and lead times can be 15-20 business days.
Accessories and cards
Accessories as calendars, coasters, etc. and postcards/greeting cards are in stock in real time, so allow 2-3 business days for dispatch unless otherwise stated in website banner.



What are the delivery times?

Please note that the deadlines are approximate and subject to change depending on how busy the postal service is.
Quebec: 3 to 5 days via Canada Post
Other provinces of Canada: 7 to 10 days via Canada Post
United States: 10 to 15 days
Europe: 15 to 20 days 
Asia: 15 to 20 days
What are the shipping fees?
Shipping costs are automatically calculated based on your address and the final package weight/size of your order. Absolutely no profit is made from this portion of your purchase, it is simply a transfer between you, me and the post office. Here are some examples of current charges:
  • Envelope without tracking number (example, 1 calendar): $5 to $7
  • Medium format package (example, acrylic 16x20 inches): $15 to $20
  • Large package (example, framed 24x36 inches): $30 to $50


From 2022, note that all international orders will be made WITH a tracking number due to the excessive risk of loss and long delays in surface packets via Canada Post. More expensive, certainly, but much more reliable and faster.

  • Envelope with tracking number (example, 1 calendar): $15 to $20
  • Medium format package (example, 1 acrylic 16x20 inch): $40 to $50
  • Large package (example, acrylic 24x36 inches): $75 to $100

Important note: customs clearance costs for international parcels are not included in the amount of the transaction and are your responsibility! It is also impossible for me to predict this amount.



What paper is used for the prints?

Each print is made on fine art paper from a German company renowned worldwide for the superior quality of their products. The precise type of paper is specially selected to enhance each photo chosen from the selection.

The prints are then put on rigid acid-resistant foam board (3/8'' foamcore) to avoid ripples of the paper/image in the frame. A top quality product, ready to be brought to your favorite framer! Note that it is possible that frames purchased in non specialized stores are not compatible with foamcores re due to the thickness.

What is an acrylic?

Acrylic is a premium medium better known as plexiglass. A high quality photo paper printed directly on the surface, thus providing a rigid support. It is appreciated for its ease of maintenance, its glossy finish, its lightness and its ease of installation. Note that it is distanced from the wall by about 1 inch. A modern and aesthetic option that fits naturally into any decor.

Why choose a frame when buying?

The frames are custom made by a craftswoman from Rimouski in the Bas-Saint-Laurent, with enormous attention to detail. Only real wood moldings are used in the design process, providing a high quality, durable frame. In order to offer superior protection, an anti-UV glass is then added, all with the greatest possible care in order to guarantee a very long lifespan.

You will find all the details of all the printing mediums at the following link:

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