Printing materials info

Prints (photo paper on foamcore)

Printed on fine art paper from a German company renowned worldwide, especially for its unique texture offering impeccable image quality. Each print is put on rigid foamcore 3/8"  to prevent ripples, ensuring the durability of your print while allowing you to easily frame it in your frame of choice or custom.
Each paper model is specially selected according to the image in order to offer a flawless end result. It is suggested to wait to receive the print before choosing the frame, as some frames found in non specialized stores are not designed for foamcores.


Custom made by an artisan from Rimouski in the Bas-Saint-Laurent region. The frames are made of high quality UV glass and 1-1.5 inch thick wood moldings, a match that elegantly showcases your favorite photographs. Mainly offered in black or white, different options are possible on special order.


Acrylic (plexiglass) is a lightweight material that is less fragile than glass, but has a similar appearance. Approx 5mm thick, the print is made directly onto acrylic with long lasting inks for a modern look with vibrant colors and beautiful luminosity. An aesthetic option that blends naturally into any decor!
The acrylic is delivered ready to hang upon receipt by a solid thread and wood frame fixed behind the print.

Hanging frames

Hanging frames are custom made, in Rimouski, like all other products. Two species of wood are offered, either maple, lighter, or cherry, darker. The wooden strips are permanently bonded, with a strong, acid-resistant adhesive and magnets. Photo printing is done on high quality fine art canvas, from the same company as the photo paper prints. They come ready to hang. 


Wood blocks

The sleek and modern 2.0 version of the famous desk frame! Replace your little old 5x7 inch glass blocks with these beautiful, durable, eco-friendly, locally made wood blocks. Available in two wood types (maple or walnut), they come with an 8x10 inch print. Also available, sets of prints for easy rotations! 

Alupanels (available upon request)

Superior quality medium made of aluminum-based composite materials. Alupanel is appreciated for its ease of maintenance, its satin finish rich in color, its lightness and its ease of installation. A modern and aesthetically pleasing option that blends naturally into any decor, approximately 15mm thick. Ready to hang upon receipt by a strong thread behind the metal.

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